Newest Form of Communicating and Creating with YOU!

This Blog has been a long time coming and I am not sure of that the formatting won’t change next week. But I felt was the moment.

So you all I will lay out several things in this blog. My intention is the make this a communication board for creating community. I will have new products, services and energies to share with you and more importantly, connect with each other on Common Ground. We will discuss the energies surrounding the Lakota calendar “Maka Wicahpi Wicohan Waniyetu”, astrology as it applies to Dancing the Wheel, numerology and sacred geometry, dosing, herbs, aloe, gold, and Sacred Frequencies. The philosophies of community such as UBUNTU, barter, time banking, new currency methods. The last intention of this blog is to connect as many people and services together. We are all experts in our own fields and it is time to Shine. So I would like to invite as many people as possible to create a “business card & introduction bio” and we can create¬† Western South Dakota Exchange. There is more and more of us looking to share our talents, service and experience with¬† community.

So how about all those new frequencies coming in? We have the support of the Universe to make our next big step in our Ascension. What we are noticing are the subtle and not so subtle frequencies in the form of some physical dis-ease. Of course it affects all bodies (Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, conscious and sub-conscious).

Everything is frequency and you have the power to change your frequencies to aide in your transitions through this Shift of the Ages.

This is the initial launch.

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Deb Thornhill,

Herbalist, Numerologist, Teacher

Frequency Adjustor